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When you visit Dr. Galli’s Encinitas dental practice, you can expect to be treated with respect, honesty and integrity. The objective of every visit is to establish an understanding of your particular oral health needs and goals, evaluate the potential treatments and select the most appropriate option.

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we are proud of our welcoming atmosphere, comfortable setting, outstanding patient experience, team harmony and Complete Health model


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Brushing and flossing are undoubtedly important oral hygiene practices to prevent dental problems and disease. However, another critical component of maintaining good oral health is seeing a Complete Health general dentist regularly for basic services. Our Encinitas general dentist, Dr. Mark Galli, can help prevent problems with your teeth and gums, and diagnose problems that occur in their earliest stages, when they are more treatable with conservative methods.

When oral disease goes undetected and untreated, it can cause pain and discomfort and require extensive, costly care down the road. Therefore, developing a routine of regular general dentistry visits is in your absolute best interest.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

An oral health visit at a Complete Health dental office is unique. Blood pressure and medical history review help Dr. Galli and the hygienist understand your overall health as it relates to your oral health and the conditions in your mouth.

The dental hygienist will use professional instruments to measure the health of your gums and teeth, and she and Dr. Galli will determine how to best clean your teeth and restore your gum health.

Dr. Galli will examine your entire mouth, checking your teeth, gums, tongue and all the other soft tissues of the mouth. He may take digital X-rays or other images to get a closer look at the structures of your mouth not visible to the naked eye.

Exams and cleanings are also a good opportunity for the hygienist to discuss your at-home oral hygiene and how diet and lifestyle can affect your oral health. Recommendations are made to keep your teeth and gums disease-free.

Treatment of Gum Disease

Maintaining gum health is essential to oral and overall health. Dr. Galli treats patients that are at an increased risk of gum (periodontal) disease or that are experiencing early symptoms of gum disease. Once he has intervened with the appropriate therapy, he can stop the progression of the disease from causing further damage to the mouth’s structures.

Mercury-Free Fillings

Occasionally, Dr. Galli finds that a tooth has developed a cavity and needs to be filled. After removing the decayed portion of the tooth and disinfecting the area, Dr. Galli uses a tooth-colored, mercury-free filling material to seal off the tooth and prevent bacteria from getting into the space. If the damage is more extensive, he may recommend placing another restoration, like a dental crown.

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