29th Sep, 2017

The Advantages of Dental Technology in Encinitas

Our Vision statement is simple: Peaceful, Proactive, Productive for patient first, team next, then me. We focus on making you the priority and making your visit as peaceful and comfortable as possible. Whether it means trust, efficiency, comfort or all three, we strive to help you get healthy in the best way for each of you.

Dental Technology has played a big role in making this possible and achievable for most patients. Intra Oral Imaging, CEREC, Oral Sedation, and Chairside comforts (coffee and water service, noise cancelling headphones, warm blankets, compassionate team) are just some of the things we have invested in to make your visit faster, safer and more comfortable.


The change to Digital X-rays is one of the best advances in all of medicine, and we are thrilled to offer this technology. With digital radiography patients receive less exposure and the doctor has more accurate images of your teeth. Also, we want you to see what we see and understand the current state of your teeth. Every treatment room is equipped with a computer than can access your records and display x-rays and photographs.

Dr. Galli and his team use an intra-oral camera, about the size of a pen, that takes video images and displays them on the computer monitor. Potential problems in your mouth are easily seen, making the diagnosis and recommended treatment a lot easier and faster to determine.  Dr. Galli can also use what is called a diagnodent, which is a small light that reads the density of enamel and can identify cavities, sometimes earlier than they can be seen on an x-ray. This helps minimize treatment to your teeth which translates to saving you time and investment.


One of the best technological advances in dentistry is the CEREC chairside digital crown fabrication system. If your tooth needs a crown, no longer does it take a temporary fitting and two appointments before you get your final crown. Now, with CEREC digital imaging technology, a custom-fit, expertly crafted porcelain crown can be made on-site and bonded in place in the same day.


Sedation dentistry is a technique designed to put anxious or fearful dental patients into a relaxed and comfortable state during treatment. This is an excellent option for someone that has avoided the dentist for years out of apprehension or anxiety. Sedation dentistry is also frequently suggested to patients that want more dental work done in a single appointment or have trouble getting numb. An assistant is always present with the patient, who is closely monitored during their visit to ensure that the patient is safe and comfortable.

What This Means For You

With all the advancements and advantages of dental technology in Encinitas, Dr. Galli ensures that his patients receive the optimal care they need during appointments that take less time and are more convenient.

At his aesthetic general dentistry practice, Dr. Mark Galli and his team use state-of-the-art equipment in an advanced facility. They are completely digital, from your chart to x-rays, photography, smile simulation, and more. Since 2001, Dr. Galli’s practice has evolved into what it is today: a highly sophisticated environment where patients can lose their apprehensions and be treated in stress-free surroundings.

We’d Love To Take Excellent Care of You

If you have been putting off seeing a dentist because of time, fear or finances, or if you want to switch to a dental practice that is technically advanced, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark T. Galli by reaching out online or by calling his office at 760-943-1449.

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