Dr Galli and his wonderful staff are a pleasure to work with. The experience of visiting the office is always outstanding.
Dr Galli's dental practice is comprised of professionalism, skill, efficiency, kindness and caring. There is no better experience in a dental office.
I've come in for my first appointment and I was taken aback by how much everyone seemed to be in a good mood and seems like everyone loves their job. I also felt everyone listened to me, I appreciate that
I am 17, and my mom made me a 7am appt so I don't miss much school. Which is good and bad. Good because I don't get behind in school, bad because I hate to get up early. Any how, I was mostly tired and sleepy
I was soo overwhelmed with emotion because everyone was so kind to me I started crying. Fortunately nobody saw me.
The entire staff is professional and friendly! I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Professional, caring and friendly environment. The best Dentist ans Staff ever.
Dr. Galli and is staff are great! They are warm, friendly, explain each procedure clearly and I have 100% confidence in their expertise!
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